December 15, 2015

“The Force Awakens” vs. “The Cat Awakens”

Click on charts to enlarge. Without further ado…

“Going somewhere, Drum Solo? …Or just fucking around?”

And both are trending with hipsters.

Well look who’s finally awake. About time! Galaxy ain’t gonna bind itself together.

Feed him after midnight, never you must.

And which is the most effective killer?

It is obvious that this contest cannot be decided by their knowledge of the Force.

ANAKIN: I don’t understand.
QUI-GON: With time and training and a basic biology class, Ani, you will. You will.

The 2nd Death Star also had cafeteria menus, bathroom and kitchen signs, salsa dancing, bulletin board ads, and email service:

Though our favorite thing available in light and dark varieties, is, of course, chocolate.

Here’s hoping that when The Force Awakens, it’s well-rested and ready to kick some ass!! Cheers, everyone!

Special thanks to Kelsey.

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