July 28, 2015

DeepDreams in Brass

May 20

After being stored next to each other for days on end, my trumpet and cornet have formed some sort of bond. It’s not exactly metal. Think it may involve exchange of genetic material, because I see evidence of changes on the cellular level.

May 22

Discoved no longer have to clean trumpet or cornet: they clean each other. Would worry about this, but both are perfectly playable as long as you clear membranes off the mouthpieces and ignore the sweating.

June 20

No longer have to warm up!—horns are always warm. Cornet valve pistons have splayed outward, and buttons are soft & powdery. Leaves pollen-like residue on fingertips. Trumpet valves are mostly OK, but feel bad pressing down on the eyes. Only one has a lid.

Trumpet finger ring faintly but noticeably tightens when finger is inserted. Can feel pulse when this happens, but may be from own finger due to constriction.
Cornet has started to grow extra tubes near shepherd’s crook. Too thin for support braces, but don’t want to risk removing in case they are blood vessels.

July 21 

Cornet valves have melted away, but cornet can now stand upside-down without support. Mouthpiece has been completely overgrown, but horn can still be played by squeezing bulbous tumor around mouthpiece, forcing air through. Makes parts of instrument twitch.

Trumpet has started to make sounds on its own. Soft mewling and breathy sighs. Smelly discharge from bell (pheromones?) has attracted a familiar: giant many-eyed caterpillar which lays across it only at night and rears head if I try to pick up trumpet.
July 25

Think horns are feeding partially off my saliva and water vapor from breath. Slug-like tentacles with eye stalks are permanently fastened to spit valves.

Have noticed palms and insides of fingers are slippery after holding cornet, like something is dissolving the first layer of skin.

At end of today’s practice, trumpet wouldn’t let go of lips.
July 28 

Trumpet has metastasized. Cornet is trying very hard to whisper what I think is “don’t be afraid.” But I am.

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