July 9, 2014

Star Wars Or Harry Potter—Can YOU Tell the Difference?

“Anakin, we need you to go with Jedi Master Soba Yaki and Padawan Zumba to the Souvlaki System, where King Adderall is under attack from Captain Heinous and his droids.”

“Class, if you will observe Mr. Pemblesmith, he is currently demonstrating why the Blumbleflarx plant should only be handled while wearing gloves made from the enchanted skin of the Jovian Nightsnake. Bartholomew and Horatio, kindly take Pemblesmith to Ms. Broomesly in the infirmary.”
Love them or hate them, the calvalcade of names in the Star Wars and Harry Potter series are nothing if not distinctive. …or ARE THEY??? Can YOU tell the difference? Take a gander at classifying the character names below: